niemayer.jpgNo.1 Oscar Niemeyer. He is our favorite. His architecture is sexy socialism. He is friends with Castro and Chavez. He is 100 and still kicking. He did cities (Brasil), private houses and museum and they all look like just landed from outaspace.wright.jpgNo.2 Frank Lloyd Wright. We admire his private buildings most, true elegance meets simplicism, best for using wood and stone.mies.jpgNo.3 Mies van der Rohe. No doubt he was on the forefront of a new era in architecture. He met with interior design and every piece is an icon. Simple but stunning.ando.jpgNo.4 Tadao Andō. He introduced concrete as a stylish material. Just drill some holes in it and it looks like an art brut painting.bof.jpgNo.5 Ricardo Bofill. How mad must you are to build castle like appartment blocks in the banlieus of Paris for the poor. We haven’t asked if people like to live in them.buckminster.jpgNo.6 Richard Buckminster Fuller. More a philosopher then an architect. Everything he did was science fiction. His real projects were never build.gaudi.jpgNo.7 Antoni Gaudí. Like a dali painting. If you drive through Barcelona, you will see his on acid-like buildings. The cathedral is still in progress. He did not leave plan.Add to Technorati Favorites



  1. hey guys! I am number 5! But it is not Boufill, ha ha, it is BOFILL!!! yes yes!! let me know if we go up in the ranking!! send us more publications! Ricardo

  2. do you have something about gripious?

  3. manuel laureano

    Im’ incredible imprecionated with the openminded arquitecnology work i ever saw in my live,that’s the best work i can understand like modernims in the industry of arquitecs in the word,I want to give a “congratulations” to make the best style in the word of “arquitec-modernisms” in the future…..

  4. thank’s alot . that’d what i whant

  5. Shouldn’t Zaha Hadid also be in the list? I think she deserves a place more than Richard Buckminster Fuller. The latter is not even an official architect.

  6. SANTIAGO CALATRAVA is better architect than all of them!
    And I aggre with KKR3107, Zaha Hadid should be on the list too.
    Organic architecture is future and it’s reconnecting us with nature, peace 😉

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